Classical Indian Music


performs North Indian classical ragas**.

Ideal for classical concerts, World music festivals, workshops, restaurants, wedding ceremonies and Indian-themed "house parties", the sitar & tabla duo is the perfect way to discover (or re-discover) this fascinatingly beautiful music.

If you're getting married in France, and you'd like an authentic musical touch to your Big Day (or to the morning-after brunch), KARMARAMA can provide that special something.


A brief introduction to Indian classical music

There are two main types of Indian classical music: Carnatic in the South and Hindustani in the North.

A raga is literally "that which colours the mind", and is one of the melodic modes used in Indian classical music. The North and the South both have their own specific ragas, although some ragas have crossed the geographical divide.

A raga uses a series of five or more musical notes upon which a melody is constructed. However, the way the notes are approached and rendered in musical phrases and the mood they convey are more important in defining a raga than the notes themselves. Many Hindustani (North Indian) rāgas are prescribed for the particular time of a day or a season. When performed at the suggested time, the rāga has its maximum effect.


A tala is a rhythmic cycle. 

Talas have a vocalised and therefore recordable form wherein individual beats are expressed as phonetic representations of various strokes played upon the tabla. A commonly-used tala is tintaal, a 16 beat cycle divided into 4 sets of 4 beats. 

Whereas western music revolves around chord changes and melodic cycles, Indian classical music structures itself around these rythmic cycles. By picking-up the different accents played by the tabla player, the instrumentalist or singer knows his or her position within the cycle.

The use of "thihais" (a phrase which, when repeated 3 times, ends with it's last beat falling on the first beat of the next cycle), can lead to some dramatic and exciting moments, where percussionist and melodicist come together in complicated fusion!

Sound samples
Saint Emilion 2011 Mark Brenner - during a sitar lesson Mark Brenner - Festival Philosphia, Saint Emilion 2011 Matthias Labbe - tabla Mark Brenner - sitar Concert poster 2013 With Tanmoy Bose and Parimal Sadaphal Matthias Labbe - tabla Yoga evening concert, France 2012 with Anoushka Shankar, Paris 2011 with Pandit Zakir Hussain, the tabla maestro Yoga evening concert, France 2012 Bordeaux 2010 GĂ©raldine Margnac, danseuse de Bharata Natyam Sitar, tabla and bansuri workshop, Bordeaux, May 2013 Indian Arts Festival Bordeaux May 2013 Indian Arts Festival Bordeaux May 2013 Indian Arts Festival Bordeaux 2013
Raga Khamaj (sitar & tabla live)
Raga Hamshadvani (extrait du live Radio Cap Ferret)
Musician's Biography
Mark Brenner

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Matthias Labbe

Tabla, mridangam & percussion

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Calendar of concerts
Learn Sitar / Tabla
19/11/2021 MERIGNAC (33) Vieille Eglise 20/11/2021 PYLA-SUR-MER (33) Annexe de la mairie 20/11/2021 PYLA-SUR-MER (33) Annexe de la mairie 26/11/2021 MERIGNAC (33) MJC 10/12/2021 MERIGNAC (33) Vieille Eglise

If you live in the Bordeaux area and would like to learn to play the sitar, Mark can teach you the basics.


Matthias teaches tabla to beginners and intermediate students. He's based in Paris, but organises group courses in the Bordeaux area and elsewhere in France.

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