Sitar lessons

If you live in the Bordeaux area and would like to learn to play the sitar, Mark can teach you the basics.

It's important to start off on the right track when learning sitar, as it's a complicated instrument to master. If you already play another instrument, such as the guitar, you'll need to "undo" some of the reflexes you've acquired. Playing position, left hand fingering and right hand stroke techniques are very different from the guitar or bass.

Once these basic techniques have been taken onboard, we'll start to look at ragas.

If you're already an advanced sitarist, Mark can put you in touch with some of the best teachers... in Europe or elsewhere.


Matthias teaches tabla to beginners and intermediate students. He's based in Paris, but organises group courses in the Bordeaux area and elsewhere in France.

Whether you're already playing percussion or starting from scratch, Matthias is an excellent and experienced teach who can get you started on this fascinating and complex instrument.